Duratain Protected

Rex & Sons is proud to announce we are now offering products from Duratain Protected, a leader in distributing and instaling RV protective coating and maintenance products specifically for RVs. These products are installed and warrantied by Duratain.

Duratain takes pride in the people, products, and operations that have earned them a top reputation with RV customers, manufacturers and Dealerships alike.

VC-1 Exterior Protective Coating

- Eliminate Waxing for up to Five Years
- Eliminate Black Streak Staining
- Prolong the Life of Treated Finishes
- Create an Easy Care Surface

VC-2 Interior Protective Coating

- Reduce VOCs Off-Gassing
- Lengthen Materials Life
- Reduce Off-Gassing
- Resist Organic Staining
- Resist Mold & Mildew

VC-3 Awning Protective Coating

- Lengthens Awning’s Life
- Resists Black Mold Staining
- Resists Premature Fabric Failure
- Creates an Anti-Static Barrier

VC-4 Shielded Undercoating

- Stop Rust
- Stop Corrosion
- Protect Structural Joints & Seams
- Protect Exposed Tanks & Pipes
- Guaranteed for 10 years

FS-1 Interior Living Space Protection

- Reduce the Spread of Germs
- Inhibit Mold and Mildew
- Inhibit Bacterial-Born Odors

Check Out This 6 Minute Duratain Video Showing All 5 Products

All five products are sold and installed together as one package.

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