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Top 10 Reasons to Buy an RV

  1. Flexibility

    When you travel in an RV you never have to worry about booking a hotel room or sticking to a strict itinerary. You can truly make your vacation whatever you want it to be. Feeling spontaneous? All you need is an overnight bag, your family and friends and some gas in the tank, and you can be exploring new places in a matter of hours. It’s time to take control of your vacations and knix the check-in and check-out times.
  2. Bring Your Pets

    Finding a pet sitter when you are going on vacation can be difficult and boarding at a pet hotel can be expensive. One perk of taking a vacation in your RV is being able to bring your pet! If you decide to bring your furry friend with you when traveling, make sure you take the necessary precautions such as deciding where they will sleep, how you will provide their needed exercise and where to leave them when you are engaging in activities that are not pet-friendly.
  3. The Wow Factor

    When you take an airplane for your vacation, you don’t get to see all of the amazing scenery between your starting point and the end destination. Traveling in an RV allows you to take scenic back roads and to sit back to really take them in. You can also choose to camp in a more remote, secluded area. Hoping in your RV means seeing even more remarkable landscapes only made available to you while on the road.
  4. All the Comforts of Home

    If you are wanting to connect with nature without leaving behind the comfort of home, your travel trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome could be the perfect solution. With an RV you can enjoy the luxury of a soft bed, running water, electric lights and heat and cooling when needed. Having access to these small things can help you feel more at home when adventuring.
  5. Save Money

    Not only can you save money by not having to book a hotel each night, but you save money with food. Buying your own groceries and cooking on your own can be very budget-friendly. These food options can also be healthier than constant fast food or restaurants.
  6. Tax Write-off

    The purchase of an RV is definitely a large investment for most individuals and family. When you claim your RV as your second home, you can get a significant tax break, which in turn makes your RV even more affordable. There are some basic requirements that your vehicle must meet in order to be claimed as a second home such as on-board permanently mounted sleeping, and eating and bathroom facilities.
  7. Plenty of Choices

    When it comes to RVs, there are so many options available when it comes to floorplans, special features and available upgrades. You can choose a model with three slide outs for maximum space or with a lofted bed to maximize your area. You can also choose an RV that has extra storage space so you can bring along all your favorite adventure toys, gear and accessories. There are also multiple prices for RVs so you are guaranteed to find one that fits your personal budget and price range!
  8. Be Part of a Community

    Owning an RV means that you are joining a larger community. At RV campgrounds, you are bound to run into people with similar interests or hobbies as you and your family. Owning a motorhome not only creates life-long memories, but it also helps you make new friends from all over the nation for years to come.
  9. Bring Other Toys on Vacation

    You will always get the most out of your vacation with your RV. You can haul your boat or car, or stash your four-wheeler inside a Toy Hauler. RVs turn your camping adventure into a new experience that you will never forget even years down the road. Plus it is a great convenience to be able to tow your car which allows you to navigate into and out of nearby cities easily if you need to restock your food supply or grab a few extra necessities.
  10. De-Stress Your Trip

    Traveling can be stressful. Packing up the car with luggage, catching flights, keeping little ones entertained – the list goes on and on. Having an RV makes vacationing simple. You can easily fit all luggage, kids and friends in one vehicle and avoid any hassle of going through airport security. Not to mention that you have access to all your favorite snacks too.